Glossier Review: Lips

For the second part of my three part Glossier review, I am doing lip products. Overall, I love all the lip products and hope you will too after reading this post.

GLOSSIER’S BALM DOT COM80b63868-49a7-4a53-be34-182f739006a9


This is my favorite of all the balm dotcoms since you can see it on my lips. When I say you can see it, I don’t mean you can tell I am wearing lip balm, but it adds a beautiful wash of color to your lips. I love the way my lips look since they are slightly darker in a very natural way. The scent, although not my favorite of the three balms, is nice. It smells like a cherry lipsmacker (flashback to 3rd grade (; ).


Rose is my favorite scent. I love rose scented products and this lip balm is no exception. The pigmentation is very light, so it doesn’t make a noticeable difference in the color of my lips. Like the other blamdot coms, it feels really nice, smells nice, and I will be re-purchasing.


Coconut is my favorite. I love coconut everything, from food to beauty. This is why I chose the coconut scented balmdot com and I definitely don’t regret it. This one smells really good and since there is no pigment, this is the one I use for a very natural look.


I recently purchased the Glossier Birthday balmdot com since it is based off the Momofuku Milk Bar cake. I have been to the Milk Bar in NYC and it is incredible. I love it and this product really does remind me of it. It smells like cake and has a slight glitter to it. It is something different, but not too out there. I really like this one as well. It isn’t as practical as the others, but you can’t beat the smell of cake. (not pictured)

GENERATION G803ccf0c-d0bf-4f52-9159-af402ae03ad2


I tried out Glossier’s lipstick, generation g, in the color “cake”. On the website, cake was described as a peachy nude. In my book, that is the perfect lip color. So, I tried it out and I do really love it. It looks like a darker color in the packaging (and picture above), but when applied on lips, it gives you a sheer, peachy nude, just as described. I really enjoy the color and while I love that it’s very natural and sheer, I do wish there was slightly more color to it.

GLOSSIER’S LIP GLOSSd277f984-67fc-417c-9eb5-a3459fd904b4

The lip gloss looks pink in the bottle, but shows up on lips as sheer. I bought it since it is supposedly the glossiest gloss on the market. And it should be, it’s made by GLOSSier. I really do love this gloss. It makes your lips look really nice and really adds a lot. I like to pair it with generation g, although it looks great on it’s own as well.

Overall, I will be repurchasing all of the reviewed items.  I hope to test out other colors of the generation g, and I may need to repurchase the lip gloss soon. The generation g should last me quite a while longer!

Thank you for reading this post, I hope you enjoyed it and were able to take something from it! Let me know in the comments your opinions on these products or what you thought of this post! I hope you have a great rest of your week and the final post in this series will be going up later this week! Follow my Instagram to stay tuned!




This week, I am doing a three part series! I will be posting today, Thursday, and again next Sunday! I haven’t been posting lately due to final exams, so I do apologize for my absence. This three part series will get me back into the blogging spirit! I have always known about Glossier, but never thought to purchase any of their products since I don’t typically wear makeup. I started doing a bit more research on the brand and found that they would be the perfect brand to start out with. Glossier makeup supports the “no makeup, makeup” look, meaning very natural. Instead of covering everything up with foundation and putting on a whole new face, it simply enhances my features more naturally. I did quite a bit of damage, enough to split this post up into a three part series, face, lips, and eyes. I went live and did an unboxing of all these products on my Instagram, and there were multiple requests for a blog post. I hope you enjoy my review of Glossier’s “face” products.

GLOSSIER’S STRETCH CONCEALERb68fea0d-fddb-4dcc-83e8-8e292787849e

I love this product! The first time I tried it out I did not like it, I didn’t use enough and barely blended it in causing a very unnatural and strange looking under-eye situation. I learned that if you use the proper amount and blend properly, this concealer will be your best friend. You can’t tell you are wearing it at all. It simply looks like you have naturally light under-eye circles, which is exactly what I was looking for. This product does not fully erase under-eye circles like many high coverage concealers on the market. I didn’t want full coverage, so this concealer was perfect for me. If you like the natural look, then this is the concealer for you!


PUFF 41b4abd6-fd81-4c76-a7c4-1051465d490aI have naturally red cheeks, which I am sure you can tell from other photos of me. This means I shouldn’t wear a ton of blush. When using Puff, I use the smallest amount. The amount will differ per person, but if I put the recommended amount on, I look like a clown. Other than the figuring out the appropriate amount, the product is beautifully pigmented and blends perfectly.  I would recommend this product.  I prefer this blush to any other powder blushes since I find this looks much more natural and feels nicer on the skin.

DUSKa54f9582-b664-4523-97c1-fa82a310e2caI use Dusk as both a bronzer and for contour. I blend it on my forehead into my hairline and underneath my cheek bones. It adds really nice dimension and color to my face. I really enjoy this product and since you can get both of these products in the Cloud Paint duo, I think they work as a great team!


I did not get a ton of products for “face”, but nonetheless I hope you were able to take something from this post and are excited for the next ones. I would repurchase both  of these products especially the concealer for I love how naturally it improves my dark circles. The Cloud paints will be another re-purchase, although I don’t think I will need to for a while since I use so little. Thank you for reading this post and I hope you enjoyed it! Let me know what you think in the comments below, I always respond! Enjoy the rest of your week and make sure to check back in on Thursday for the next post!


I put a poll on my Instagram to see if a finals post was wanted, and it got a very positive reaction. So, here it is, how to survive finals. I know this may be late for some of you, but ironically, this post is going up late because of my final exams. I have exams the second and third weeks of June. I am graduating from middle school in 2 weeks, so I am almost done! This year I am taking two Regents (state tests), the FLACS (foreign language test), and two other finals! Because of this, I am spending a lot of time preparing. I wanted to share my routine of how to “survive” and pass exams.

  1. First, start studying at least a week or two in advance. I tried my best to start about 3 weeks ahead, but timing is different for everyone. I find that a studying technique that works for me is repetition. So, in order to know something well enough to take a test on it, I have to review, review, review. This is what works for me, but adjust your studying depending on what works for you.
  2. Next, organize your notes. I would recommend that you should get your notes together by unit since that makes it easier to study.
  3. Once you have everything organized, write it down. I recommend getting a planner to organize and create a plan. I take the units and divide them up by days to see how many days I have to study each unit. This is hard to explain, but let me give an example. If I learned 10 units in Social Studies this year and I start studying 3 weeks in advance, that gives me about 2 days for each unit. By the time the test comes, you will have reviewed all the topics covered during the school year (even stuff you learned in September). Plus, on weekends you can go over the units you reviewed that week.
  4. Once you are done planning, time to study. Each day, do what you wrote in your planner. If you planned it out right, then you should be all set once your finals arrive!  Of course, you might need to adjust for the difficulty of different units.

I know this was a shorter post, but I thought I would share what I do to prepare for finals. Most of this is pretty straight forward and I know it isn’t anything crazy, but I hope you found something that will help you study. I thought I would end this post by wishing you good luck on all your finals! Remember, you are almost done and summer is just around the corner!


This is an older post that I just found and I still thought you might enjoy it so I decided to post it!

I went to DŌ! I have been wanting to try their cookie dough for a long time, and I finally got the chance. You may have seen them on Instagram. If you haven’t heard of DŌ, its a cute “restaurant” in Manhattan that makes edible cookie dough and ice cream. It is so cute and super Instagrammable. I bought a cup with two flavors. I chose “sweet and salty” and “unicorn”. They were both delicious, but really sweet, so I could only have a few bites at a time. I went with a friend and she got unicorn too, so they looked super cute together. I highly recommend going if you ever get the chance to go. Enjoy the pictures because they describe the experience best!


Thank you so much for reading this week’s posts! I am so sorry the quality of the pictures is so bad. The only camera I have is the one on my iPhone. I will hopefully get a camera soon! Make sure to come back next week for another blog post! – Suki <3


T-Shirt Collection

I have a lot of t-shirts. I wear t-shirts almost every day of the year. Since I live in New York, we have hot summers and cold winters. I wear t-shirts when its hot and when its cold. I am trying to change it up this summer with different pieces, but for now, here are some of my t-shirts. Most of the shirts are basic, simple ones you have probably seen before, but others are more unique. I hope you enjoy my t-shirt collection.

I wore these all the same way, but there are much more interesting ways to pair these. Thank you so much for reading this week’s post! I hope you liked it and is getting you excited for summer!