Shopping in N.Y.C

I went SHOPPING!!!!!!! I LOVE shopping 🙂

 So when I was told I was going to the city to go to all my favorite stores with some friends, I flipped!!!! I had such an amazing time and I hope to do it again soon. The first store I went to was American Eagle. 

I got a pair of sunglasses and two  chokers.

I love these sunglasses because they are not completely circular.I like round glasses, but they just don’t look good on me. They also have a really cool looking reflective lense, which is the other reason I bought them.

The first choker I got from American Eagle was this crochet black choker. It reminds me of Coachella and summer.It is intricate, so it looks really pretty close up or far away.

The second choker I bought is connected to a necklace. I think the moon charm is SO pretty and I love the “rusty” gold look.

The next store I went to was Urban Outfitters!!!! The Urban was  three stories and it was SO much fun!

They were all set up for Valentines Day and it looked So So So So So So Cute.

The first thing I got was this thin beaded choker. It reminds me of summer in Hawaii. I got the black and white since it goes with everything.

This is the second thing I got from Urban Outfitters. It is a denim choker, but this is not the best picture of it. It wraps around your neck and then ties in a bow.

This is also something I have wanted for a long time, a Polaroid album. This one is super cute and it was not too expensive.I can’t wait to fill it with all my Polaroids.

The final thing I got from Urban Outfitters is this marble notebook.  I am OBSESSED with marble. I also love notebooks. I have about a million and I probably should not have bought another, but…. I got it to plan out BLOGS!!!!! While I was in Urban Outfitters, I couldn’t help but take some pictures. So here are a few of them.

After my spontaneous “photo shoot”, I went to Forever 21!

I got a sweatshirt and a hair massager!!!!

I have heard a lot about hit massagers, and they are supposed to stimulate hair growth. So far, I try to use it for about ten minutes a day. It feels amazing. After Forever 21, I had dinner. After dinner, we stopped at & Other Stories! It was on the way to my final destination, Brandy Melville. & Other Stories was the CUTEST store I went to ALL night! I took a ton of pictures. You may recongnize some of these pictures from my instagram.

After my short detour to & other stories I headed to Brandy Melville.

At Brandy I got a navy mini backpack and really cute dusty pink sweatshirt. Overall, I had and amazing expirence and I can’t wait to go back into the city. I hope you enjoyed my first blog and I look forward to writing more very soon.- Suki <3


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