Ombré Glitter Nails

Very recently, I posted a blog on everyday nails that was super simple. This blog is a slightly harder nail tutorial on painting your fingernails for a party, event, or even just for fun. I like to change up my nails every once in a while, so this was perfect. It is also pretty simple because anything even slightly complicated usually fails when I try it. All you need is glitter nail polish and clear nail polish. You can use any type and color of glitter polish. There are some really cool options out there. I just used what I happened to find in my house. 

Start off by using a base coat. I don’t have one, so  I used Sugar Daddy by Essie. This is the same one I talked about in my other nail blog post. You can also use a clear polish for this, but I thought the slightly pinky/milky look of Sugar Daddy would look perfect. 

I have been wanting to paint my nails for a while, so I purposely grew them longer. As you can see from the picture, the Sugar Daddy was not enough to make my nails look good.

The next step is to give yourself a French manicure with glitter. Basically, paint the “white” tips of your nail with glitter polish. This part is going to be the darkest, so go heavier with the polish.  Your nails will get lighter the closer you get to the cuticle.

After painting the glitter French manicure, start to create the ombré look. To do this, simply paint a thinner/lighter layer of glitter polish as you get closer to the cuticle.  Then, brush the excess polish upwards towards the top of your nail. This will give you the ombré look.

After this is fully dry, repeat the process. I would have done three coats, but the glitter was very thick. If yours is thinner, you can continue until you have your desired look.

After you have gotten your dispersed look, simply go over everything with a thin layer of topcoat to smooth out the glitter and add shine. Now you are done!!! I hope you liked this simple, but super cute, nail tutorial and please leave your opinions in the comments below!!! Can’t wait to post soon-Suki <3

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