February Break

February Break

DAY 1:

This Monday marked the beginning of February break!!! I want to apologize for the lack of blogging for the past week or so. During the week before break, all the teachers slammed us with tests and quizzes. It was a very stressful week, and school has to be my first priority. Just as a disclaimer, and now that it is break, I have plenty of time to get back in my blog game. So, on the first Saturday of break, I went to lunch and then to a show. I went to The NoHo Star and Blue Man Group!!! It was such a fun time that I will never forget. The show didn’t start till 3:00, so we had plenty of time for lunch. The restaurant was really good. Since it is super close to the theater, it was perfect. I got their classic burger and it was delicious. They are a brunch place on weekends, so you can also get different types of breakfast foods there. The restaurant was really cute. Overall, I had a great time and if you are ever in that area, I would highly recommend it.

After lunch, we had some extra time, so we walked around and saw a lot of cool street artists and performers in Washington Square Park.

Then it was finally time to see the show! They do not allow pictures to be taken during the show, so I did my best to take a few before it started. The show was really cool and it was an overall amazing experience. I highly recommend going with your family or friends because you’re guaranteed a great time. It was so funny and just straight up entertaining.

DAY 2:

Tuesday was another great day. Since Monday was a city day, we changed it up and went on a hike. We wanted a dog friendly hike so my dog could come along too. This winter has been super mild for New York, so it was between the 50’s and 60’s for our hike. The weather was really nice and sunny all day. The only slight downside was that there was snow EVERYWHERE. The snow wasn’t too deep, but after a few minutes, the snow had already soaked through my sneakers. On the drive to the trails, we stopped at a Subway to pick up sandwiches for a picnic during our hike. The hike is famous for having huge rocks, so it was fun to climb and to do some parkour. Another great day and it was really fun to be outside. I will definitely try to get out more often.

DAY 3:

Obviously, winter break is way longer than three days, but I chose to blog about these three days because they were the most interesting. So, day three, I went into the city for the second time this week. I went to China Town for a Dim Sum brunch, and then the MoMath (Museum of Mathematics). I had recently heard of Dim Sum, and I am a total foodie. I love to eat. For those who aren’t familiar with Dim Sum, it is a Chinese tradition where servers come around with a ton of different foods on carts. It is a foodie’s dream and since I love food, I was in heaven. The servers didn’t speak very much English, so you have to guess what the foods are. It is kind of like a guessing game because you never really know what you are about to eat. If you don’t like strange foods or have allergies, I wouldn’t recommend it since you never really know what you are eating. The food just keeps coming, so make sure you go hungry.  

After a delicious brunch, I headed over to the Museum. This was my second time visiting, so I knew what to expect. It is a small museum focused around math, but it doesn’t feel or seem like learning. It just seems like fun hands-on games and challenges. It is for a younger crowd, so it is perfect if you have younger siblings, although I myself enjoy it.




Thank you so much for reading my post and I promise I will post again soon. I am very sorry I haven’t posted for a few weeks, but I have some blogs that will go up soon. Please leave your opinions in the comments and have a great weekend.- Suki <3


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