Hi, I’m Suki

b5909631-9ccb-4a05-bcab-ab42de35d1d8-1I decided it was about time to write a little about myself. So here is a short post about me.

  • I love superhero movies (I know, I am SO nerdy)
  • My favorite current movie series is X-Men (again, I am aware of my nerdiness)
  • My favorite color is pink, but I love blue as well
  • I have a dog and she is a boxer (the breed…)
  • I have two younger siblings
  • I live in New York
  • I am 13 years old
  • I am in 7th grade
  • I love watching YouTube and I hope to start my own channel some day
  • I sail
  • I play a little golf, basketball, tennis, and enjoy running
  • I LOVE shopping
  • I LOVE blogging
  • I LOVE food
  • I play the piano (kinda)
  • I couldn’t sing for my life
  • My favorite store is Urban Outfitters
  • I like school (I know I am crazy)
  • I am blonde, as you can probably tell from the pictures
  • I enjoy reading, but I have a hard time finding time during the week
    I started a blog because I was inspired by the blogger & YouTuber, Aspyn Ovard. You can find her at http://aspynovard.com/. Her blog is amazing and she is my number one inspiration. I want to be able to share my opinions, ideas, and experiences with the world.  I try my best to have a wide range of content so my blog is appealing to a wide audience. I want to be able spread positivity, so I hope that reading my blog makes you happy. I am working really hard to grow my audience. Thank you for reading this post and I hope it made you laugh or smile. If you have any other questions or things you would like to know about me, just leave them in the comments. See you soon with a new blog.- Suki <3

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