Black Tap

Black Tap

Black Tap.


Description: Creative gourmet burgers, modern sides & shakes served in a small, casually hip space

My Description: Amazing resturant, best burgers and best shakes ever. Just. AMAZING! Mic Drop


Do I need to say anything else? I don’t think I have to, but I will. My friend’s birthday was the other day and she celebrated at Black Tap. I have been wanting to go to Black Tap for a while. The only problem is that you can’t make reservations, so you may end up standing in a 2 hour line. That is what happened to me the first time I tried to go. I was not going to stand in a line for two hours, so I left. My friend’s birthday celebration was my chance to finally go to Black Tap. It was a half day of school, so we went straight from school to the city. Once we got there, they told us the wait would be about 20 minutes. It was a miracle! We were seated in less than 15 minutes. Basically, the decor consists of wood. The walls, chairs, tables, and everything in between is wood!  But, the restaurant allows you to write and draw on the wood. You can barely see the wood anymore. It is so dark with names and drawings, but it was really fun to write all over everything. I ordered the California burger with beef, and it was the best burger I have ever had. I am not exaggerating, it was amazing. The cheese was warm and melted when I bit into it. Their sweet potato fries were bomb, but the onion rings are so good too. I just can’t say enough good things. But, the best for last. Their milkshakes!!!! They are so pretty, but they also taste AMAZING. I chose the sour power black cherry shake, and it is hands down the best shake I have ever had. All the candies and decorations on top were also delicious. I thought that since it was pretty, it wouldn’t taste good. I was very wrong. It tasted as wonderful as it looked. As you can tell, I really loved this place. I highly recommend Black Tap, and I would give it 5 stars. I say this every time, and I will say it again, if you are ever in New York City, make sure to check it out because you will love it.






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    Your blog is the cutest! I love reading your posts and this place looks amazing!!

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