Over spring break, I went to Barbados and had an amazing time! Every year my family and two other family friends go on a spring break vacation together. We rent a villa and find fun activities to do. Each year we go to a different place. This year we went to Barbados, and it has been the best trip yet. The house was amazing, with a private pool and tennis court. I also wanted to put it out there that I am not writing this post to brag. I do not want to sound like I am bragging, I simply want to share my  memories. I love reading travel posts, and I hope you do too! Over the course of the trip, I got to try so many new things. I went on a catamaran for the first time! It was amazing. It was a beautiful 50 ft. catamaran and it was only two months old. We took the catamaran on a four hour excursion.  We stopped to swim with turtles, and to snorkel at a ship wreck. It was absolutely mind blowing, and I will never forget the experience. Since Rihanna grew up in Barbados, she had been to a lot of the “attractions”. It just so happened that the boat we rented was the same boat that Rihanna had been on twice! On another day, we explored the animal flower cave, which is a beautiful cave where the Pacific and Atlantic oceans meet. There were not that many animals or flowers, but the cave was so pretty.

I also surfed for the first time and I loved it. We went to multiple beaches around the island and all of them were beautiful. The people we met were all so friendly. The food was amazing. I got to try breadfruit and flying fish for the first time, and they were delicious. All the seafood was so fresh. We also devoted half a day to checking out the cute shops. While we were out shopping, I got three cornrows braided into my hair, which is something I have wanted to do for so long.  We also spent a ton of time at the house since it had a pool and tennis courts. If you are wondering where to go for your next vacation I would highly recommend Barbados. It was an amazing experience I will never forget it.a00203c7-8328-4a2d-9670-9dbbbb365306-1








I hope you enjoyed this travel post and I am going to be posting a look book next week so make sure to come back. -Suki <3



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    These picture are so pretty!! The ocean

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      *these pictures are so pretty!! The ocean (heart eye emojis) :))

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