Summer Favorites

Summer Favorites

This is a post I wrote during the summer. I really like the post, so I decided to post it even though it is fall now.  I hope you like it.


I have wanted to write a blog post on my summer essentials/favorites. I love summer for many reasons, and I think one of the biggest reasons is that it feels stress free.  I struggle with stress throughout the school year, so summer gives me time to forget about everything and finally relax.  I also love the bright colors of summer clothing and being able to go outside without a jacket on. So, here are my summer favorites:


This summer I have been loving slides. They recently became a huge trend, so I decided to try some. I ordered two pairs from Urban Outfitters. I got a holographic pair and a pastel pink Adidas pair. I am obsessed with both, and I am excited to wear them this summer.  Disclaimer- the holographic ones run a little small and the Adidas run a little big.


I have always liked lokai bracelets, but I got really into them last summer. I only had one and I never took it off. Over the year, I collected many more. Now, I have around 9 of them. I really like them and I look forward to completing my outfits with them. Recently, I was at Forever 21 and I found a delicate gold star choker. I have been loving dainty chokers lately, and I feel that they go with almost any outfit. I really like the choker, but sadly, it is cheap and uncomfortable. I am looking to order a few chokers from Stargaze jewelry. I also love PuraVida. All their products are high quality for great prices and a good cause.



My favorite clothing piece for this summer is my blue, red, and white romper from Subdued. I also really like all my shorts from Abercrombie and Zara. I love highwaisted shorts, and Ambercrombie and Zara have a great selection.



I have gotten really into working out this summer, and having the right clothes is one of the ways I motivate myself to workout. I get a lot of my workout clothes from Modells and Target. Target has a great selection and has their own line that I have been really liking. I am also a huge fan of Alo Yoga and their sports apparel.  I am hoping to get some soon. But, overall, out of all my sportswear, my favorite shirt is a Nike shirt I got from Modells. It is black and has mesh on the top, and has a huge Nike swoosh in the middle. I also love this tank top from Target that has a sports bra attached. I love the way all the straps look in the back. I really like the way leggings feel when I am working out, but I usually don’t wear them too often since I get so hot! So I usually resort to shorts, and my favorite pair are these grey Nike ones that are so comfortable.


I hope you enjoyed this week’s post. If you want more posts like this one, please leave a comment below. I love reading comments. Make sure to come back next week for a new post!- Suki <3



  1. September 15, 2017 / 8:13 am



    This is such a cute post!! I love that romper :))

    • blogsbysuki
      September 17, 2017 / 3:47 am



      Thank you so much!

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