St. Ives Mixing Bar NYC

St. Ives Mixing Bar NYC

St. Ives has these pop up shops in N.Y.C.  I was lucky enough to go to one. The idea is that they make your product in front of you.  You choose what is in it and then watch the ingredients come together. You get to choose between a face scrub or a body lotion. I have been wanting to try out a face scrub, so this was the perfect opportunity. You start by choosing the exfoliating level. I chose the softest level which is coconut shell. You also get to choose the other ingredients. There are a few ingredients paired together, and I chose the avocado honey pairing. I have heard that there are many benefits with both avocado and honey. I loved how they measured the ingredients and made the scrub in front of me. My scrub turned out really well, and I use it every other night. The scrub is only $12 and it will last a long time.  The scrub and experience was well worth it. I would highly recommend visiting a St. Ives pop up shop.



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