Fall Room Decor

Fall Room Decor

This weekend I was in a very Fall mood and decided to decorate my room for Fall. Since a recently re-did my room ( a post on that will be coming soon), I needed all new Fall decor. My old Fall decor matched my old room, so there was a lot of red and orange. Orange and Red are fall colors, but I wanted to stick to colors that wouldn’t clash with the rest of my room. Instead of red and orange, I went for gold and white. I didn’t find as much decor as I was hoping, so I may do an updated Fall decor haul if I find more. Everything I got for my room in this haul is from Target. The first thing I got was a “sweater pumpkin”. It sounds weird, but I fell in love with it when I saw it in the store and I love the way it looks in my room.


The next thing I found, I picked up in the dollar section. I think the dollar section in Target can be a hit or miss. This time I went into Target knowing I wanted fairy lights, so I was very happy when I found them for three dollars! I got two boxes and they give off a lot of light. I highly recommend them! If you need fairy lights, go to Target.


In their home decor section, I found another pumpkin. This one is gold and matches my room very well. It is also very good quality and it looks more realistic than my other pumpkin. I really like how it looks on my shelf and I am very happy with it.



Next, I got a pumpkin candle. It is a pretty big candle, and it came in 3 colors/scents. The color that matched my room the best happened to be the one that I think smelled the best. It is called Autumn Wreath and I am in love with the scent! It is “fall in a candle”. It smells like pumpkin spice, but it isn’t too sweet and also has a slight Christmas tree scent. I love Christmas, so it is a smell that comes with lots of memories. I have burned the candle everyday since I got it, and it works and smells great.



I know this is a very short haul, but these four things have made a difference in my room. I love walking into my room, smelling pumpkin spice, and seeing my new pumpkins. It really brightens my mood. If you like this post, please leave a comment down below, I try to respond to all comments, and I love reading them. Thank you for reading this post and I hope you liked it!- Suki <3


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    These items are so cute!! I really need to get some “fall vibes” decor my room 🙂

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