How To Survive Final Exams

I put a poll on my Instagram to see if a finals post was wanted, and it got a very positive reaction. So, here it is, how to survive finals. I know this may be late for some of you, but ironically, this post is going up late because of my final exams. I have exams the second and third weeks of June. I am graduating from middle school in 2 weeks, so I am almost done! This year I am taking two Regents (state tests), the FLACS (foreign language test), and two other finals! Because of this, I am spending a lot of time preparing. I wanted to share my routine of how to “survive” and pass exams.

  1. First, start studying at least a week or two in advance. I tried my best to start about 3 weeks ahead, but timing is different for everyone. I find that a studying technique that works for me is repetition. So, in order to know something well enough to take a test on it, I have to review, review, review. This is what works for me, but adjust your studying depending on what works for you.
  2. Next, organize your notes. I would recommend that you should get your notes together by unit since that makes it easier to study.
  3. Once you have everything organized, write it down. I recommend getting a planner to organize and create a plan. I take the units and divide them up by days to see how many days I have to study each unit. This is hard to explain, but let me give an example. If I learned 10 units in Social Studies this year and I start studying 3 weeks in advance, that gives me about 2 days for each unit. By the time the test comes, you will have reviewed all the topics covered during the school year (even stuff you learned in September). Plus, on weekends you can go over the units you reviewed that week.
  4. Once you are done planning, time to study. Each day, do what you wrote in your planner. If you planned it out right, then you should be all set once your finals arrive!  Of course, you might need to adjust for the difficulty of different units.

I know this was a shorter post, but I thought I would share what I do to prepare for finals. Most of this is pretty straight forward and I know it isn’t anything crazy, but I hope you found something that will help you study. I thought I would end this post by wishing you good luck on all your finals! Remember, you are almost done and summer is just around the corner!


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