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This week, I am doing a three part series! I will be posting today, Thursday, and again next Sunday! I haven’t been posting lately due to final exams, so I do apologize for my absence. This three part series will get me back into the blogging spirit! I have always known about Glossier, but never thought to purchase any of their products since I don’t typically wear makeup. I started doing a bit more research on the brand and found that they would be the perfect brand to start out with. Glossier makeup supports the “no makeup, makeup” look, meaning very natural. Instead of covering everything up with foundation and putting on a whole new face, it simply enhances my features more naturally. I did quite a bit of damage, enough to split this post up into a three part series, face, lips, and eyes. I went live and did an unboxing of all these products on my Instagram, and there were multiple requests for a blog post. I hope you enjoy my review of Glossier’s “face” products.

GLOSSIER’S STRETCH CONCEALERb68fea0d-fddb-4dcc-83e8-8e292787849e

I love this product! The first time I tried it out I did not like it, I didn’t use enough and barely blended it in causing a very unnatural and strange looking under-eye situation. I learned that if you use the proper amount and blend properly, this concealer will be your best friend. You can’t tell you are wearing it at all. It simply looks like you have naturally light under-eye circles, which is exactly what I was looking for. This product does not fully erase under-eye circles like many high coverage concealers on the market. I didn’t want full coverage, so this concealer was perfect for me. If you like the natural look, then this is the concealer for you!


PUFF 41b4abd6-fd81-4c76-a7c4-1051465d490aI have naturally red cheeks, which I am sure you can tell from other photos of me. This means I shouldn’t wear a ton of blush. When using Puff, I use the smallest amount. The amount will differ per person, but if I put the recommended amount on, I look like a clown. Other than the figuring out the appropriate amount, the product is beautifully pigmented and blends perfectly.  I would recommend this product.  I prefer this blush to any other powder blushes since I find this looks much more natural and feels nicer on the skin.

DUSKa54f9582-b664-4523-97c1-fa82a310e2caI use Dusk as both a bronzer and for contour. I blend it on my forehead into my hairline and underneath my cheek bones. It adds really nice dimension and color to my face. I really enjoy this product and since you can get both of these products in the Cloud Paint duo, I think they work as a great team!


I did not get a ton of products for “face”, but nonetheless I hope you were able to take something from this post and are excited for the next ones. I would repurchase both  of these products especially the concealer for I love how naturally it improves my dark circles. The Cloud paints will be another re-purchase, although I don’t think I will need to for a while since I use so little. Thank you for reading this post and I hope you enjoyed it! Let me know what you think in the comments below, I always respond! Enjoy the rest of your week and make sure to check back in on Thursday for the next post!


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