Glossier Review: Lips

Glossier Review: Lips

For the second part of my three part Glossier review, I am doing lip products. Overall, I love all the lip products and hope you will too after reading this post.

GLOSSIER’S BALM DOT COM80b63868-49a7-4a53-be34-182f739006a9


This is my favorite of all the balm dotcoms since you can see it on my lips. When I say you can see it, I don’t mean you can tell I am wearing lip balm, but it adds a beautiful wash of color to your lips. I love the way my lips look since they are slightly darker in a very natural way. The scent, although not my favorite of the three balms, is nice. It smells like a cherry lipsmacker (flashback to 3rd grade (; ).


Rose is my favorite scent. I love rose scented products and this lip balm is no exception. The pigmentation is very light, so it doesn’t make a noticeable difference in the color of my lips. Like the other blamdot coms, it feels really nice, smells nice, and I will be re-purchasing.


Coconut is my favorite. I love coconut everything, from food to beauty. This is why I chose the coconut scented balmdot com and I definitely don’t regret it. This one smells really good and since there is no pigment, this is the one I use for a very natural look.


I recently purchased the Glossier Birthday balmdot com since it is based off the Momofuku Milk Bar cake. I have been to the Milk Bar in NYC and it is incredible. I love it and this product really does remind me of it. It smells like cake and has a slight glitter to it. It is something different, but not too out there. I really like this one as well. It isn’t as practical as the others, but you can’t beat the smell of cake. (not pictured)

GENERATION G803ccf0c-d0bf-4f52-9159-af402ae03ad2


I tried out Glossier’s lipstick, generation g, in the color “cake”. On the website, cake was described as a peachy nude. In my book, that is the perfect lip color. So, I tried it out and I do really love it. It looks like a darker color in the packaging (and picture above), but when applied on lips, it gives you a sheer, peachy nude, just as described. I really enjoy the color and while I love that it’s very natural and sheer, I do wish there was slightly more color to it.

GLOSSIER’S LIP GLOSSd277f984-67fc-417c-9eb5-a3459fd904b4

The lip gloss looks pink in the bottle, but shows up on lips as sheer. I bought it since it is supposedly the glossiest gloss on the market. And it should be, it’s made by GLOSSier. I really do love this gloss. It makes your lips look really nice and really adds a lot. I like to pair it with generation g, although it looks great on it’s own as well.

Overall, I will be repurchasing all of the reviewed items.  I hope to test out other colors of the generation g, and I may need to repurchase the lip gloss soon. The generation g should last me quite a while longer!

Thank you for reading this post, I hope you enjoyed it and were able to take something from it! Let me know in the comments your opinions on these products or what you thought of this post! I hope you have a great rest of your week and the final post in this series will be going up later this week! Follow my Instagram to stay tuned!



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