Earlier this week, I deleted all my old instagram posts, off my instagram, paigeandsuki. I did this, to start over. I really liked some of the pictures I posted, but they didn’t look good all together. Many were over filtered, and in weird orders. I would take breaks were I wouldn’t post for a month at a time. I wanted all of this to end. I have decided to post 2-3 times a week at least. I want to post pictures that make sense, and have a reason. I will be putting a lot more effort into my instagram, and I will no longer take unannounced breaks. This goes along with me trying to get back on track with blog posts. I am going to try to continue, to post every week on either Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. I will post on my instagram story to let you know when I post, and anything else you should know. I now have a nicer camera too, so I am also going to try to up the overall quality of my posts as well, both on my blog and on my instagram. Thank you if you have stuck with me through all my “breaks”, and I am going to work very very hard to not let them happen again. So, watch out for a blog post next weekend and a few new instagram posts throughout the week!- Suki <3


In school, I take French and my teacher told our class that if we went to the Louis Vuitton exhibit in Manhattan, he would give us extra credit. The exhibit was free and seemed really cool. I told my mom, and we were able to arrange plans to go. I had an amazing experience. The exhibit was about how luggage has changed over time, specifically Louis Vuitton luggage. They showed luggage designed for travel by land, sea, and air. There were trunks and bags for every purpose.  Trunks could turn into proper closets and dressers, even desks. The extra credit ended up just being a small bonus. It was a large exhibit and I did my best to capture it with pictures, so I hope I did it justice. They also gave out free pins in the end, and actually showed how the bags were made by hand. I hope that you enjoy the pictures from the exhibit!


After going to the exhibit, we walked over to the Oculus, which is a really cool looking mall. We walked around downtown and then went to Eataly for lunch. It ended up being really good food and Eataly just looks cool overall since it is decorated very nicely. Again, enjoy the pictures and get excited for a “what I got for Christmas” coming soon.


We also went to the Birchbox store quickly and it was super cute!


Thank you for reading this blog post, I hope you enjoyed. Also be sure to leave a comment below, I read and respond to all comments! Thank you again, and have a great week. – Suki <3


As you may or may not know, I Bullet Journal! Nothing crazy, but I do really enjoy it. As you also may know, it is a new year, which means a new bullet journal. I got a Muji journal for Christmas and I have set it up to be my new bullet journal. I haven’t done too much yet, which is why there aren’t too many pictures, but I will try to keep you guys updated. I have also decided not to do the full monthly and weekly spreads, or at least not right now. Those take me quite a while, and I always loved the way they turned out, but I just don’t always have the time. So without any further introduction, my bullet journal setup for 2018!


I started out with an inspirational quote on the first page. I love writing quotes since I get to practice different lettering and calligraphy.


Then a simple Key, nothing crazy.


Then, I made my 2018 at a glance. It took me quite a while to do this page, but I love it! Next to it, I have a Year in Pixels. I know the lettering on this page is a little rough, but I still like it! I can’t wait to see what it looks like at the end of the year when it is all filled in!


Next, I wanted to do a goals/resolutions page. I haven’t filled it out yet, but I am excited to write things down and try my best to follow through with them. I also dedicated a whole page to blog post ideas, hopefully this helps keep me organized, and hopefully I won’t run out of blog post ideas any time soon!


Finally, a tracker type spread. I want to write down the places I’ve gone so that I don’t forget, and it will also just be cool to see at the end of the year. Lastly, I made this saving up chart. I have wanted a camera for a really long time, so I am finally going to save up to get one! I am super excited and honestly can’t wait!


I hope you enjoyed this weeks blog post and comment below if you want me to do a 2017 bullet journal flip through. Also, comment any other posts you want me to do and I will be sure to do them! Thank you again for reading this post, and I hope you have an amazing week!- Suki <3


A quick trip to New York City

I had meant to write this post a month ago, and then my schedule got super busy. I still wanted to share these pictures, so I hope you can forgive me! 🙂 These are the pictures from when I went into NYC and wrote a haul.

Again, I am really happy with these pictures and I had an amazing time, enjoy!

Cha Cha Matcha:




Sweet Green:




Here are some cute pictures from the stores we looked around in!





To see a haul of everything I got on this trip click the link below:

N.Y.C Haul

Thank you so much for reading this post, and come back next week for another exciting post!- <3 Suki


N.Y.C Haul

A few weeks ago, some friends and I made plans to go into New York City and go shopping. I love shopping, so I started saving up right away. I ended up doing quite a bit of damage, and I decided to show you what I got. If you want to see pictures from our trip to the city, make sure to check out my other post, down below. We went to quite a few stores, but I was only successful in three of them. The first store we went to was Urban Outfitters, which happens to be my favorite store. The first thing I got from UO was a rose pink velvet t-shirt. It is my new favorite shirt, and I fell in love with it when I saw it in the store. It is not only my favorite color, but since it is slightly cropped, it looks super cute with high-waist jeans. Other items I bought at Urban were two pairs of socks. I love comfy, fuzzy socks and I only have one pair, so I decided to expand my supply. They were having a two for twenty deal, so I decided to go for it.


Next up, I got a candle. I have been loving candles lately, and I have been lighting them almost every night. Every time I go to Urban Outfitters, there is this one candle that I always want. I finally decided to get it and it is so exciting for me to see it in my own bedroom. It is lit right now as I write this.



Moving on to Forever 21, I only spent 3 dollars. I needed a shower cap and they had them, so I decided to get one.


Now, Lush, I really like Lush, my only problem with it is I find that it can get expensive. I haven’t gotten anything from Lush in almost a year so I decided to get a couple of products. The first thing I got was their jelly face mask. I had been wanting their jelly face-mask for a while now, and I was super excited to actually get one. I decided on the “Birth of Venus” mask because it smelled the best.


Finally, the best for last, I got the H’Suan Wen Hau Hair Treatment. I have been super into hair masks lately, so I splurged a little and bought a Lush one. I am very excited about this product, and I may do a follow up post reviewing it.


Overall, it was a very successful trip and I had an amazing time with my friends. Thank you for reading this week’s post and definitely subscribe! Suki <3

My post on this whole trip will be up next week, I took some really cute pictures! So make sure to come back soon!