St. Ives Mixing Bar NYC

St. Ives has these pop up shops in N.Y.C.  I was lucky enough to go to one. The idea is that they make your product in front of you.  You choose what is in it and then watch the ingredients come together. You get to choose between a face scrub or a body lotion. I have been wanting to try out a face scrub, so this was the perfect opportunity. You start by choosing the exfoliating level. I chose the softest level which is coconut shell. You also get to choose the other ingredients. There are a few ingredients paired together, and I chose the avocado honey pairing. I have heard that there are many benefits with both avocado and honey. I loved how they measured the ingredients and made the scrub in front of me. My scrub turned out really well, and I use it every other night. The scrub is only $12 and it will last a long time.  The scrub and experience was well worth it. I would highly recommend visiting a St. Ives pop up shop.



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D.I.Y Distressed T-Shirt

I have been loving the distressed trend lately and I found an easy way to recreate it at home. I have done this so far on two shirts and it is so much fun. I love the way these turn out and I love making them too.
All you need is…

  • Spray Bottle
  • Bleach
  • Black/Dark T-Shirt ( I got mine from Forever 21 but you can use any dark shirt)

This DIY is for black shirts but gray and dark blues should work too. All you do is fill up your spray bottle with bleach and then spray/drip your shirt any way you want until you get your desired look. The orange will take a few seconds but will eventually get more vibrant. In the end it should be a bright orange and it should look super cool. If you want it even more distressed you can cut it up or rough it up with sandpaper.


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Summer Favorites

This is a post I wrote during the summer. I really like the post, so I decided to post it even though it is fall now.  I hope you like it.


I have wanted to write a blog post on my summer essentials/favorites. I love summer for many reasons, and I think one of the biggest reasons is that it feels stress free.  I struggle with stress throughout the school year, so summer gives me time to forget about everything and finally relax.  I also love the bright colors of summer clothing and being able to go outside without a jacket on. So, here are my summer favorites:


This summer I have been loving slides. They recently became a huge trend, so I decided to try some. I ordered two pairs from Urban Outfitters. I got a holographic pair and a pastel pink Adidas pair. I am obsessed with both, and I am excited to wear them this summer.  Disclaimer- the holographic ones run a little small and the Adidas run a little big.


I have always liked lokai bracelets, but I got really into them last summer. I only had one and I never took it off. Over the year, I collected many more. Now, I have around 9 of them. I really like them and I look forward to completing my outfits with them. Recently, I was at Forever 21 and I found a delicate gold star choker. I have been loving dainty chokers lately, and I feel that they go with almost any outfit. I really like the choker, but sadly, it is cheap and uncomfortable. I am looking to order a few chokers from Stargaze jewelry. I also love PuraVida. All their products are high quality for great prices and a good cause.



My favorite clothing piece for this summer is my blue, red, and white romper from Subdued. I also really like all my shorts from Abercrombie and Zara. I love highwaisted shorts, and Ambercrombie and Zara have a great selection.



I have gotten really into working out this summer, and having the right clothes is one of the ways I motivate myself to workout. I get a lot of my workout clothes from Modells and Target. Target has a great selection and has their own line that I have been really liking. I am also a huge fan of Alo Yoga and their sports apparel.  I am hoping to get some soon. But, overall, out of all my sportswear, my favorite shirt is a Nike shirt I got from Modells. It is black and has mesh on the top, and has a huge Nike swoosh in the middle. I also love this tank top from Target that has a sports bra attached. I love the way all the straps look in the back. I really like the way leggings feel when I am working out, but I usually don’t wear them too often since I get so hot! So I usually resort to shorts, and my favorite pair are these grey Nike ones that are so comfortable.


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Bullet Journal: July

As I wrote last month, I started bullet journaling. Each month, I am going to share pictures of my spreads. I hope these posts are inspiring and that you enjoy them.

For this month, I based my theme on my recent vacation to California. My first page for JULY is a banana leaf print with my attempt at a neon sign “JULY”. I set my spreads up slightly differently then I usually do because of my trip. I dedicated a few pages to “logging” my trip, but other than that, I only made a few minor changes. I hope you like my spreads and that you are inspired to try bullet journaling.









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Recently, I started Bullet Journaling and I love it! It is a perfect creative outlet, and I am able to increase my productivity. Bullet Journaling is a system created to help people prioritize what needs to get done and increase productivity. People have taken the idea and customized it so much that it is like art. Some people use bullet journals very casually.  For example, as a grocery list or something simple like that. Other people, such as myself, use it as a fun way to do watercolors, art, and just be creative. I really enjoy making different themes each month. I want to start to post more about my journal spread and theme. If you like this idea, make sure to comment down below. I know this post was short, but now that school is out I have a lot of great posts coming. Thank you so much for reading this week’s post and make sure to come back next week for my first bullet journal post!-Suki <3